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I have studio-recorded CDs of talks of general spiritual interest.
Each CD starts with the talk and is followed by a guided meditation
set to music.

By popular demand, I have recorded the channellings by my Guide,
Kurt and have put them on CD. His teachings have become so
popular that people feel I should share these with a larger audience.

If you wish to order cds and have them sent through the post - please call
my office on (011) 648 2286/3759, or e-mail me on info@lionelberman.co.za.

Compact Discs


Price R114 (South African Rands)
Weight: 90gms.

This ancient art is becoming more and more popular with the growing awareness that we are experiencing globally. But few who practise meditation understand it fully. This talk gives you the bigger picture.

The guided meditation on Track 2, with original music by Tom Swart, helps you to gather your scattered energies.

Length: 33 minutes

Order by contacting my office at (011) 648-2286/3759

Price R114 (South African Rands)
Weight: 90gms.

There is not one single person on the entire planet who has not been ill at some stage. We often assume that illness is like a punishment for something we may have done in this life or in other life spaces. But illness is a natural way, a normal way of processing and acquiring the qualities that we have to some extent avoided. When we celebrate the gifts that illness can bring to us, we achieve integration and healing.

This recording identifies those gifts and shows how we can celebrate them.

The guided meditation on Track 2, with healing monochord sound, helps you to embrace illness and weave it into your growth to raise your consciousness.

Order by contacting my office at (011) 648-2286/3759

Price R114 (South African Rands)
Weight: 90gms.

One of our major purposes in coming into the physical is to establish, cultivate and develop relationships on many levels so that our souls may achieve the growth necessary for integration and healing. This CD explores the different relationships we have in our lives and how they relate to our soul's growth.

The guided meditation on Track 2, helps you to explore these relationships and to begin to consolidate the relationship with yourself and spirit.

Order by contacting my office at (011) 648 3759/2286.

Price R159.60 (single cd) and R205.20 (double cd) (South African Rands)
Weight: 90gms.

This is the first collection of channellings by my Guide, Kurt.

Renowned for his wisdom and insight, for his sharp wit and turn of phrase, Kurt has astounded those who have heard him. Using me as his instrument while I am in deep trance, Kurt offers guide wisdom on topics as broad-ranging as change, attaining joy and freedom, acknowledging your sacred space, positive detatchment, taking the leap and counter-thoughting.

All the channellings are recorded live in front of an audience - either in the small group channellings, or during my Spiritual Development Group evenings.

The CD length varies accordingly.

There are 5 different cds available in this series, they are labelled according to date - there is no specific topic as Kurt talks on a variety of topics on each cd. they are as follows:

Kurt Channelling - single cd
Kurt Channelling - 2/12/04 - double cd
Kurt Channelling - 9/12/04 - double cd
Kurt Channelling - 26/4/05 - double cd
Kurt Channelling - 19/5/05 - double cd

Order by contacting my office at (011) 648 3759/2286.

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