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I did not realise as a child that I was different. I assumed that
everyone could see the many people that filled my life. Thus,
when my great grandfather came to visit me each day, I
thought that everyone knew the old man was there and could
see him. I asked my mother to make tea for the visitors when the
lounge was filled with people. When injured people moved through
my room, I did not realise that they were victims of a disaster:
all that I knew was that they were there for my help and comfort
and so I assisted them to pass over from this world to the next.
I also thought it was perfectly natural to do drawings in my
bedroom right through the night in total darkness.

Fortunately, my parents understood the Spirit world. My mother received a spiritual message that she was pregnant, despite a range of specialists having told her that she was unable to have children. At first my parents did not believe this, but sure enough, she was pregnant and gave birth to me. From then onwards, their spiritual quest continued.

When I could describe my great grandfather in minute detail without ever having seen the man, my parents knew that I had highly developed intuitive powers. Unlike the young boy in Sixth Sense, I was not frightened by these powers - rather, the people around me encouraged my powers - buying me at the age of seven the materials that my drawing guide, Marguerite, called for, to do my nightly sketches. Since then, I have done thousands of drawings, guided by Marguerite. Most of these drawings were for "rescue" work to help people make the transition as they pass over from this life to the next. The drawing of people's Guides formed a minor part of this work, mainly for friends and relatives.

Never really leaving my intuitive gifts behind, I went on to become a teacher, specialising in Science, Mathematics and Art. My first post was in a secondary school in Eldorado Park (a "coloured" township outside Johannesburg) and then I held two posts in primary schools in Johannesburg.

I became a senior lecturer and then Head of Department at a college of education in Limpopo Province specialising in Educational Psychology, Sociology and Philosophy. It was here that spirit led me to an understanding of the African worldview. My dialogues with sangomas (African Shamans) brought me into touch with Africa and her wisdom. Even now, when a sangoma meets me, I am addressed as one of the learned - one the shamans of Africa.

My understanding of the spirit of Africa was extended when I started a non-governmental organisation training women in Limpopo Province and Mpumalanga to become pre-school teachers. In these poor, rural areas, I watched women recognise and take back their power - starting income-generation projects that enabled them to have food on the table for their families; enskilling illiterate women to educate their young children in their own homes.

Thus, while superficially it seemed that I had veered away from my spiritual connections, the universe was providing me with a breadth of experience that would stand me in good stead for the next phase of my life's work.

An old friend - herself an intuitive of note - called me at the age of 38 to tell me that the time had come for me to exercise again my spiritual powers. Working with my Protector Guide, Kurt, I can "hear" people's guides and their messages for the people in their care, through my clairaudient powers. Through my clairvoyant powers I "see" people's energies and thus their chosen life paths. I "see" their parallel/past lives and how these impact on their present life.

I am not a fortune-teller. As a shaman, I am a burden basket weaver - an instrument enabling people to understand their lives better, to see the choices they have made and can make, to see the bigger picture of their lives - both here and in parallel/past lives - and to embark on journeys that will fulfil their life tasks - to undergo "spiritual makeovers".

I do one-on-one counselling as well as spiritual makeovers with larger groups:

My Opening to Guides course is in two parts. The course has exciting, new elements and insights related to connecting with your guides and Spirit.

My Shaman Course is an in-depth study of modern shamanic practice, based on universal shamanic traditions, with modern new-consciousness applications.

My Circle of Life allows you to spend 2 and a ½ hours on selected Monday evenings in a supportive, nurturing and loving energy circle. These sessions will help you to solve your everyday problems and issues. Discussion will centre on applying principles of Spirit, looking at past life issues and personal issues. Every session is unique and totally different, depending on the energies and needs of the participants. If there are messages for you from your Guides, they will be conveyed to you during the session.

I also run a workshop on Relationships. This workshop enables people to understand relationships from a spiritual point of view. The spiritual always offers a "bigger picture", which enables us to gain a perspective of what each relationship offers and how to make the most of this 'gift'.

Kurt channelled to me The Little Book of Spirit, in which we explore what it is to be connected to Spirit in a practical, down-to-earth manner. Kurt has channelled a second book, The Little Book of Mirrors, which is published on this website.

Take this opportunity to embark on a journey to develop your spirituality, to gain understanding and insight into the magnificent subtleties of your earth walk and to give you the tools to walk with wisdom…

My Guides and I offer all the above to enable people to embark on a complete spiritual transformation, so that they can start to remodel their physical, mental and emotional self, to fulfil their soul task in this lifetime, recognising the sanctity of Great Spirit in us all.

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